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P1 Gold Bundle

P1 Gold Bundle

161,99 € Regular Price
149,99 €Sale Price

Pre-RaceFuel is formulated to enhance performance of both drivers and riders by boosting energy, focus & stamina. Scientifically proven ingredients such as Caffeine, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate & iBCAA work together to maximize performance all while using the highest quality of ingredients. Its unique blend is the main reason Pre-Race Fuels remains to be a market leader when it comes to driver enhancement.


Pre-RaceFuel is a bespoke formula used by professional drivers & riders to be used 30 minutes both before training or competing.


Unlike the Silver Bundle, the Gold Bundles includes our incredibly popular Helmet Drinks Bottle worth €69.99 if bought alone.


Choose your full sized favourite flavour combo's and get race ready with our tailor made motorsport nutrition.


Gold Bundle Includes:


+ 1 Pre Race Fuel

+ 1 Race Fuel

+ 1 Shaker

+ 1 Helmet Drinks Bottle


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