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BMW E46 RACP Brace

BMW E46 RACP Brace

500,00 €Price

SME (Specialised Motorsport Engineering) have designed this brace to be the lightest and strongest on the market, and unlike other available braces it truly strengthens the E46’s weak rear axle carrier panel.

Precision fabricated from Chromoly, this brace only weighs 3kg and is a simple install – no welding required, just a small amount of drilling to allow access to the RACP from above. Kit comes complete with drilling jig and instructions. New bolts then drop all the way through to the subframe for a truly braced outcome unlike rival products which simply bolt to the skin above the RACP.

Fitting instructions can be found on the previous page to give more insight into what is involved.


The SME E46 RACP Brace strengthens the rear end of the E46 BMW, which is a known weakpoint. Made from Chromoly material and supplied in one piece, the brace weighs just 3KG!

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