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E46 Weld-in RACP Brace

E46 Weld-in RACP Brace

350,00 €Price

This weld-in kit was designed to be a final solution to the RACP issue on the E46 BMW and close off the gap in the chassis which is the main cause of the problems on these cars as well as adding bracing to further strengthen the area and improve ride and handling. 

The kit can be fitted alone or with one of two further Bolt-in Brace options, the well established SME Bolt-in 'X' Brace or the Space saver braces which still link the subframe bush to the top mount, whilst leaving the centre free for through loading. 
For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Fitting instructions can be found on the previous page to give more insight into what is involved.

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